Woodbeck Family

Keefe Family

This year Habitat for Humanity is building a home for two families! We are building a duplex this year so we need your help even more.

Stud-A-Thon is a fun and unique campaign for individuals or businesses to partner with Habitat for Humanity, our families and volunteers. Habitat’s Stud-a-thon campaign is where you, a business or organization can sponsor studs for a home construction build, make their mark on it and have it picked up so it can be built into one of our upcoming homes. Each stud can be decorated as creatively or as un-creatively as each person sees fit, with a few exceptions of course. The studs can’t be cut, burned, carved or physically altered in any way as it may affect the structural integrity of it. Other than that, sponsors can feel free to go wild.


Arrangements can be made for the delivery and pick up of each stud.

Number of Studs
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